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Exchange of best results on the agenda of DWOF project partners meeting

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On 15 and 16 June 2016 in Cyprus the Don’t Waste Our Future (DWOF) project partners shared their experiences and approaches about the main recent activities of the project and explored the possibilities of integrate and share other partners’ best results.

A wide range of peer-to-peer activities organized together between secondary and primary schools students have been presented. ACR + presented its experience with Belgian secondary schools located in Brussels where students worked on the topics of expiration dates, doggy-bag and local food.

The engagement against food waste was also declined into a series of communication actions and campaigns involving students such as flash mobs, cooking sessions, local markets and roadshow. In Italy the students also engaged local authorities into their activity creating a pledge against food waste. Video and radio spots, diffusion programme, and even a cooking book are also some of the communication campaigns which have been presented. Among those stands a Portuguese video, released in Portuguese and English explaining the food waste issue and giving advices about best practice.
In the framework of the DWOF project a European charter on the fight against food waste and the right to food has been adopted. This charter is the results of discussions and meetings between students and local authorities’ representatives and includes commitments and recommendations applicable by students/schools and local authorities. It can be endorsed by anybody, for instance association representatives and even single citizens via an online signature.

To support the charter, a broad campaign is being launched in the project partners’ countries. If you are interested in spreading the charter and would like to join the campaign, please contact Philippe Micheaux Naudet (pmn@acrplus.org) to learn more about how to get involved.

ACR+ invites you to take a stand against food waste and sign online the charter!


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